About Home Made Bakery!

familyThe Home Made Bakery was established in 1971 by Mr Ken Flanagan and his wife Aileen. Their four children, Karen, Julie, Giselle and Karl, were all at school, ages ranging from six to fourteen.

Karen was the first to join her parents in the bakery, shortly followed by Julie and then Giselle who were both involved in making the celebration cakes. Karl followed his sisters sometime later into the bread baking side of the production. Since the death of their father on Christmas Eve 2003, Karen Dann is the Managing Director of the business and with the help of her husband Dave, a Director, they run the business and Karl, also a Director runs the bread baking side of the business and is head of a team of skilled master bakers.

Karen and Dave’s daughter Shelley is responsible for managing the shop, food hygiene and health and safety for the company and their son Sunny is the Foreman and head of the finishing room and is a skilled trained confectioner and cake decorator. Of course the running of the company is still under the watchful eye of Mrs Aileen Flanagan.